Talking About The Election In Therapy

This past year we have witnessed an ugly, divisive presidential campaign that was painful for many of us to watch. And now, with this election, we see how deeply divided our country is. At the Bay Area Relationship Center we know we are affected, sometimes significantly, by such world events. Given how much is happening in our country and in the world at the moment it can be hard to process everything.

We have been hearing some individuals and couples talk about how the election has been affecting their sense of self and their relationships; their sense of safety and trust; their sense of feeling increasingly lonely. Others have expressed concern about how they will be treated in public or worry about their children.

What we don’t hear people talking about so clearly, but we also know to be true, is that the election is causing, or adding to, underlying feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, anger, and conflict in their relationships.

It is important that we don’t lose sight of how the current political climate is impacting us and how we can respond in a positive way with of our partners, our communities, and ourselves. The Bay Area Relationship Center invites you to talk about these issues in therapy.

Many people are feeling a growing vulnerability in the world that is very uncomfortable. We strongly believe that this vulnerability can lead us toward each other, while also recognizing that it can drive us apart. What direction we move in depends on how we process what we are feeling.

We look forward to hearing from you what, if any, of this letter feels relevant for you.

From the therapists at The Bay Area Relationship Center