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Got Rejected?

  Rejection sucks. You express romantic feelings to a friend who lets you know they’d like to keep you in the friend zone. You tell someone you’re sleeping with that you have strong feelings for them and they say “I don’t feel the same way.”   You’re in a new relationship that you think is…

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It Takes A Village To Take Care Of You

You know how it takes a village to raise a child? The myth of 2 parents raising a happy and healthy child with little input from others has rarely or never come true. Children thrive with extended family, a family of friends, and a whole community of people to look out for them and offer…

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When You Have To End A Friendship

When you break up with a lover, it is heart breaking but clear. The relationship as you knew it is over. Perhaps you’ll continue as friends, and perhaps you won’t, but we all know what it means to break up with a lover. In fact you immediately have a title for that person. They are…

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