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6 Resources For Out-Of-The-Box Brides

You’re a bride-to-be, but you don’t fit in the usual “bride” box. Nor do you want to. You’re invested in creating your wedding and your marriage on your terms. Sometimes you need to go online to plan your wedding, and as soon as you do you’re flooded with images. You see women in long white…

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Getting Married? Here's What Couples Therapists Want You To Know

  When you’re engaged or becoming more committed to your partner, you might be considering premarital counseling. We’ve written some blog posts with you in mind.   If you’re a little bit afraid of what might come up in premarital counseling, read this. Even if something unexpected comes up, your premarital therapist will know how…

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When The Unexpected Comes Up In Premarital Counseling

We’ve been providing premarital counseling to couples in San Francisco for a long time. Unexpected things often come up in premarital counseling. That’s OK. In fact, it’s good. We help couples work through some important issues like:   combining finances and/or creating financial priorities preparing for parenting finding shared values and compromising where values differ…

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Premarital Counseling As Prevention

We hate to scare you, but it’s true that around 1/3 of marriages end in divorce. Sometimes that’s the right outcome and some relationships need to end. We don’t believe all marriages that end are failures. However, a lot of those marriages don’t need to end, and could have benefitted from prevention. Premarital counseling is…

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4 Reasons For Premarital Counseling (or Pre-Commitment Counseling)

At The Bay Area Relationship Center, we provide premarital counseling to a lot of couples. If you’re deepening your commitment to your partner, premarital counseling might be the best investment you can make in your relationship. Maybe you’ve got some preconceived ideas of what happens in premarital counseling.  The premarital counseling we provide is different from…

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