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When And How Should I Tell My Date I’m Polyamorous?

Why is the onus on the polyamorous person? It’s not quite fair. In an ideal world, two people would tell each other whether they were poly, monogamous, flexible, or anywhere in between. In this world, there’s often a default assumption of monogamy. In some Bay Area subcultures, there’s no assumption that everyone is monogamous. The…

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How To Come Out As Polyamorous To Your Parents And Relatives

Congratulations! You’re getting ready to do something courageous. You’re daring to let your family know more about you. In the San Francisco Bay Area, you find a ton of poly community and support. You’ve found  friends and chosen family who totally affirm you. You don’t want to settle for being in the closet with your…

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Vanilla Meet Kinky: Managing Different Sexual Interests

Written by Georgia Hill, Marriage Family Therapist Intern Here’s the scenario: you meet a new person and you just click from your first date. You have great conversation, mutual attraction, and share each other’s sense of humor. Then the other shoe drops. Your date tells you, “I am beginning to explore kink and polyamory.” You are…

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Why This San Francisco Couples Therapist Loves Dan Savage, Part 3

As couples therapists in San Francisco, we at The Bay Area Relationship Center work with a huge diversity of couples, and we affirm many different relationship models. The field of couples therapy as a whole doesn’t embrace these different relationship models well enough. During the past few weeks I’ve been discussing what I love about…

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