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How To Come Out As Polyamorous To Your Parents And Relatives

Congratulations! You’re getting ready to do something courageous. You’re daring to let your family know more about you. In the San Francisco Bay Area, you find a ton of poly community and support. You’ve found  friends and chosen family who totally affirm you. You don’t want to settle for being in the closet with your…

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Why This San Francisco Couples Therapist Loves Dan Savage, Part 3

As couples therapists in San Francisco, we at The Bay Area Relationship Center work with a huge diversity of couples, and we affirm many different relationship models. The field of couples therapy as a whole doesn’t embrace these different relationship models well enough. During the past few weeks I’ve been discussing what I love about…

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What Monogamous Couples Can Learn From Non-Monogamous Couples

As couples therapists in San Francisco, we work with all kinds of couples. We help people in open relationships (polyamorous, non-monogamous, “monogamish”, and more) and of course we help lots of monogamous people too. Most of the issues that come up are the same for all couples, of course. We all argue, we all get…

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Open Relationships: What Works?

Are you thinking about opening up your relationship? Are you wondering about what might make an open relationship work (or not work)? Maybe you’re just curious about this topic? Join me and Adam Blum, MFT for a FREE, interactive webinar. Adam has written and spoken extensively on this topic, so this will be a treat.…

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