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Six Signs That You Should Go To Couples Therapy

Do you wonder if it’s time for couples therapy? You know it could help your relationship, but you haven’t taken the next step and picked up the phone. It just hasn’t made it to your to-do list yet. It’s never a bad time for good couples therapy. The average couple in therapy waits 6 years…

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Vanilla Meet Kinky: Managing Different Sexual Interests

Written by Georgia Hill, Marriage Family Therapist Intern Here’s the scenario: you meet a new person and you just click from your first date. You have great conversation, mutual attraction, and share each other’s sense of humor. Then the other shoe drops. Your date tells you, “I am beginning to explore kink and polyamory.” You are…

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Can You Give Up On Being Right?

What’s the hardest thing to do? Give up on being right. This can come up all the time with your sweetie, and in absolutely any relationship in your life. Here’s what happens: You have an idea, and you think it’s pretty good. Or you remember something, and you’re pretty sure your memory about this thing…

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How Couples Therapy Helps You Quiet Your Inner Demons

Every single one of us has an inner demon or two. No, not really. It’s just a good metaphor for what happens when you’re in distress with your sweetie. I’m talking about the way that you sometimes react when your partner hurts feelings. It’s the default behavior you fall into when you perceive a threat…

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