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What To Do When Your Partner Complains That You Work Too Much

Is this you? Your partner complains that you work an insane number of hours. They say they almost never get to see you, and that when you’re home, you’re checking email or returning phone calls. From your point of view, you don’t really have a choice about most of this. You’re only doing the very…

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Help For Infidelity: A Roundup

The biggest question we get about infidelity is: Can we get through this? As couples therapists, we can say from experience that some couples survive and even become closer after infidelity. Here’s a roundup of our most popular and helpful posts about infidelity. You’ll find tools about how to give an effective apology about a…

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Got Communication Problems? How To Turn It Around

It’s a humbling moment, but it changes your relationship for the better. It’s that moment that you realize that you’re a big part of the problems in your relationship. Until that moment, you feel frustrated with your partner that they are causing problems. You’re waiting for them to finally stop being stubborn or uncommunicative or…

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How To Stop Arguing About Money

Do you argue about money? Here’s a common argument: A couple starts talking about making vacation plans, and one partner brings up the trip to Italy they’ve always wanted to take. The other partner says they can’t afford it right now. The more they talk about it, the worse they both feel. The one who…

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Tips From A San Francisco Couples Therapist: Stop The Attack-Defend Pattern

Gottman Method Couples Therapists help you shift your communication. We coach you during sessions and then teach you to coach yourselves at home. I’ll share one of the most important skills we teach couples. Many couples fall into something we call the “attack-defend” pattern. In attack-defend, one partner criticizes the other, and then the other partner responds…

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