Same Sex Couples Counseling

Feel more close and connected
with Same Sex & LGBTQ Counseling in San Francisco

When you are having problems in your relationship, it hurts.

You need to know that your therapist has effective techniques to help you, and has respect for your relationship. As an LGBTQ couple, you deal with all the issues every couple has, but on top of that, you have homophobia and heterosexism to handle.

We help couples with:

  • Frustrating communication patterns
  • Sexual difficulties, including not having sex
  • Parenting conflicts or stress
  • Chronic fighting/arguments
  • Broken trust from affairs, emotional affairs or other betrayals like secrets or lies
  • Decisions about commitment, marriage, or moving in together

Did you know that research has uncovered unique strengths in same sex relationships?

Gay and Lesbian couples tend to use more affection and humor in arguments, have a more even balance of power than their mixed sex counterparts, and are better able to hear criticism. John Gottman, Ph.D of the Gottman institute has said "research has shown that there are some qualities of strength... that are especially key to same-sex couples."

We love to help LGBTQ couples strengthen their relationships, and go from distress and disconnection to feeling close and connected.

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