Premarital Counseling

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A Different Kind of Premarital Counseling/Pre-Commitment Counseling in San Francisco

Premarital Counseling and Pre-commitment Counseling can help you step into this next part of your life with a stronger bond and deeper security in your future. It’s an investment in the most important thing in your life:  the long-term happiness of your relationship.

All couples have issues they fight about, even when the relationship is otherwise very strong. Is this you?

  • There’s something you tend to argue about: money, sex, lateness, in-laws? (and you’re worried that those issues will get worse).
  • In the worst moments, you feel at a loss about how to resolve the argument or make it better.
  • Planning the wedding brings up stress, and you want it to be a special experience with a lot of meaning.
  • You haven’t talked through some important things about your future.

Our premarital counseling program can help you

  • Feel prepared and on the same page about your future.
  • Practice great communication skills so you can turn to them when things feel difficult.
  • Be one of those couples who adore each other after 50 years.
  • Prioritize sex so that it’s a great part of your future together.

This is different from premarital counseling you've heard of before.

Our San Francisco based program is designed to make you more resilient as a couple. It’s not just about solving a particular problem, rather it’s about strengthening the foundation of your relationship. We use effective, research-based methods that help 8 out of 10 couples get closer and stay closer. You’ll learn about your particular relationship distress pattern and how to change it.

This method helps you stay connected after the counseling is over. When you go through those inevitable rough spots, you’ll know how to get back to feeling close faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

One of our experienced couples therapists will walk you through some structured conversations in private sessions. You’ll meet weekly or every other week, and you’ll have the option of homework between sessions so that you can practice what you’re learning at home.

How long does it take?

For many couples, the process of premarital therapy takes 3 months. Your therapist will help you decide how many sessions will work best for your relationship and your goals.

How is this different from a premarital course?

Our premarital program is completely private, and your therapist is focusing on the needs of your unique relationship. You’ll learn the particular pattern your relationship falls into when it’s not doing so well, and you’ll learn the particular solutions that will get you out of that negative pattern.

Do you help couples in open relationships?

Yes. Our therapists have a lot of experience working with all types of couples. At The Bay Area Relationship Center, you’ll encounter respect and understanding of your relationship and you won’t encounter judgment or assumptions.

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