Open Relationships

Find love, loyalty and respect
with Open and Poly Relationship Counseling
in San Francisco

Couples Counseling for Open Relationships and Polyamorous Relationships

If you’ve recently opened up your relationship or you’re considering it…

You may feel uncertain how to navigate this new terrain, and it helps to get some solid guidance. We’re here to help you create the relationship that is right for you!

Couples therapy with an experienced San Francisco based open relationship affirming therapist can help you decide whether opening up your relationship is the right option for you, and we can help you look at the many forms an open relationships can take.

Some of the issues we help people work through are:

  • Creating the unique configuration that will work for your relationship.
  • Communicating through difficult conversations in a loving way.
  • Working through feelings of jealousy or insecurity
  • Making sense of “new relationship energy” while maintaining your existing relationship
  • Negotiating and renegotiating boundaries as your relationship grows and changes

At the Bay Area Relationship Center, we know that fidelity is about love, loyalty and respect, not exclusivity.

Unfortunately, most of the leaders in the field of relationship therapy still see open relationships as less healthy than monogamous relationships. The biases and myths that tend to rule our culture are present in the field of psychology too. At the Bay Area Relationship Center, we affirm the full spectrum of relationships, including polyamorous relationships, open relationships, multiple marriages, “monogamish” relationships, and monogamous relationships.

Our biggest goal is to serve all of our San Francisco and Bay Area clients to create and maintain the relationships that best support and nurture them-whatever form they take.




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