Couples Counseling

Build on the strengths that brought you together
with Couples Counseling in San Francisco

If you are struggling with arguing and other communication problems or things in your relationship are OK but you want to make them even better, we want to help.  

Couples Counseling can help you experience:

  • more peaceful communication
  • increased trust
  • more fun together
  • a shared vision of your future
  • a return to closeness

What happens in Couples Counseling

Even happy couples fall into unhelpful communication patterns. For most of us, these patterns are hard to see clearly in our own relationships. In Couples Counseling you'll start to understand your patterns and get a chance to create a more helpful pattern. Often some small changes can make a big difference in how you communicate and how close you feel. Usually, both partners feel frustrated with something the other person is doing or not doing. The truth is, it's never all one person's fault. We don't even like the idea of "fault" or "blame" in couples therapy. Instead, we focus on the communication pattern. You're both contributing to it without meaning to. The more you do something, the more your partner does something else, and you set each other off into a yucky cycle. We're very experienced at seeing what that pattern is and helping you see it too.

Couples therapy is not all about problems. We know you fell in love for really good reasons. We'll help you build on the strengths that brought you together.

Half-Day Workshop for Couples

Our Half-Day Workshop for couples is designed to help you strengthen, heal, and deepen your relationship. This format provides a streamlined and highly focused approach to your relationship issues. This private workshop is a great fit for couples who want to experience relief quickly. It also works well for busy couples who have difficulty scheduling regular sessions. Come in for a three-hour session and then take some time after to just be together. Enjoy the strength of the relationship you just nurtured. Many couples choose to return for an additional Half-Day Workshop or come in for additional shorter sessions.

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