You love your child, but this is a hard job!

This is the most important job you have, and you’d give anything to be successful at it. Maybe you’re at a loss about how to handle your child’s escalating tantrums, or you’re not sure how to talk to your child who is highly sensitive. Or maybe your teen or tween has got you pulling your hair out. Therapy can help you:

  • Stay cool-headed when your kids act out
  • Learn the right discipline tools for your family
  • Find a shared parenting style when parents disagree
  • Stay connected with your kids
  • Help your child manage their emotions
  • Keep your relationship with your partner strong

It is helpful and reassuring to learn about the constantly changing developmental needs of children, and the role that temperament plays in the life of your child. There is not one right way to parent every child, and We help each parent learn the best strategies for their particular children.

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