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Betrayal: Two Helpful Tools for The One Who Has Betrayed

Couples often come to therapy after an affair or betrayal has come to light. They seek to repair the hurt, to rebuild trust, and to explore if there is any hope of moving forward together. Although this can be a time of heavy heartbreaks it can also be an opportunity for a couple to heal,…

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One Key To Saving Your Relationship

Why is being in a relationship sometimes the most satisfying and joyful experience and at other times the most miserable? Many romantic relationships start out feeling fantastic. You feel seen for who you really are, and even your flaws are loved and cherished. You feel the same in return. In the beginning, your partner’s flaws…

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Got Rejected?

  Rejection sucks. You express romantic feelings to a friend who lets you know they’d like to keep you in the friend zone. You tell someone you’re sleeping with that you have strong feelings for them and they say “I don’t feel the same way.”   You’re in a new relationship that you think is…

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Help For Infidelity: A Roundup

The biggest question we get about infidelity is: Can we get through this? As couples therapists, we can say from experience that some couples survive and even become closer after infidelity. Here’s a roundup of our most popular and helpful posts about infidelity. You’ll find tools about how to give an effective apology about a…

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Tips From A San Francisco Couples Therapist: 9 Ways To Have A Good Breakup

What’s a good breakup? People enjoy making fun of Gwyneth Paltrow for using the term “conscious uncoupling.” How about we just call it a “good breakup?” In a good breakup, two people stop being a couple in the least destructive way possible. They show kindness and respect to each other. At the end of the…

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