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Premarital Counseling

Six Signs That You Should Go To Couples Therapy

Do you wonder if it’s time for couples therapy? You know it could help your relationship, but you haven’t taken the next step and picked up the phone. It just hasn’t made it to your to-do list yet. It’s never a bad time for good couples therapy. The average couple in therapy waits 6 years…

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How To Stop Arguing About Money

Do you argue about money? Here’s a common argument: A couple starts talking about making vacation plans, and one partner brings up the trip to Italy they’ve always wanted to take. The other partner says they can’t afford it right now. The more they talk about it, the worse they both feel. The one who…

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What’s Premarital Counseling Really Like?

  Georgia Hill, MFT Intern, sees many couples for Premarital and Pre-Commitment Counseling in San Francisco. In this video interview, she tells you what to expect when you get ready to work with her. Here are some of the highlights from the interview: Misconception: Premarital Counseling will be all about focusing on problems. I focus on the…

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6 Resources For Out-Of-The-Box Brides

You’re a bride-to-be, but you don’t fit in the usual “bride” box. Nor do you want to. You’re invested in creating your wedding and your marriage on your terms. Sometimes you need to go online to plan your wedding, and as soon as you do you’re flooded with images. You see women in long white…

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Tips From A San Francisco Couples Therapist: Arguing About Money?

As couples therapists in San Francisco, we help couples talk about money every day. In premarital counseling, we show couples how to lay a foundation for communicating about money. We help couples who have been together for 30 years or more to heal their money issues and communicate in new ways. Money issues come up…

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