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Couples Counseling

Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse

*Trigger Warning: this blog defines and discusses specifics of domestic violence.  Our silences do not protect us.   We don’t talk about intimate partner violence – it’s uncomfortable to sit with the idea that we harm each other, particularly the people we love most.  This silence serves to further stigmatize and isolate those who experience abuse…

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What do we mean by trust? Trust is a theme that surfaces often in couple’s therapy. Yet, I wonder if we have a shared sense of what it means. What is trust exactly? It’s a question I’ve been turning over lately. According to the Gottman Institute, trust is built in the smallest moments. These moments…

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Saying Goodbye to Annie

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Annie Schuesller, the founder of the Bay Area Relationship Center, is leaving us. We’re happy for her as she moves more fully in a direction that’s been calling to her, but sad to see a valued and trusted colleague leave. As therapists who value the importance…

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Talking About The Election In Therapy

This past year we have witnessed an ugly, divisive presidential campaign that was painful for many of us to watch. And now, with this election, we see how deeply divided our country is. At the Bay Area Relationship Center we know we are affected, sometimes significantly, by such world events. Given how much is happening…

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Six Signs That You Should Go To Couples Therapy

Do you wonder if it’s time for couples therapy? You know it could help your relationship, but you haven’t taken the next step and picked up the phone. It just hasn’t made it to your to-do list yet. It’s never a bad time for good couples therapy. The average couple in therapy waits 6 years…

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