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6 Resources For Out-Of-The-Box Brides

You’re a bride-to-be, but you don’t fit in the usual “bride” box. Nor do you want to. You’re invested in creating your wedding and your marriage on your terms.

Sometimes you need to go online to plan your wedding, and as soon as you do you’re flooded with images. You see women in long white dresses who go on crazy diets or lose their minds trying to create the perfect wedding. When you see enough of that stuff, it makes you feel crazy, isolated and alienated.

You need some online spaces where you can cleanse all that nonsense and feel at home. You also need to find the kind of wedding advice you actually want, from people you can relate to.

Ready? Clear the history on your computer and then bookmark these resources right now.

Munaluchi Bride 

Head over to this online magazine to see beautiful  images of  weddings of brides of color. Their mission is “to promote positive images of women of color…because we believe positive imagery is the threshold for confidence…and confidence inspires self love.” Yes it does!

Offbeat Bride

Here you’ll see wedding advice from lots of amazing women like you.  You’ll find “plus sized” women, queer women, women with disabilities, women who pull off DIY weddings, women rocking natural hair, and more.

A Practical Wedding

A resource including great articles like “The Day I Decided to Be A fAt Bride” and “Being Black, Feminist, thoroughly girly and conflicted.” Their mission is: to be a space where messy reality is normalized and confronted.

Feminist Bride 

This blog has hundreds of articles for couples who want to honor their feminist values throughout the wedding planning process. Read here about writing your vows to reflect your feminist values and the politics of choosing your dress color.

The Savage Lovecast 

This is not specifically for engaged couples, but it is worth your time! In his weekly podcast, sex-advice expert Dan Savage often talks to people in long-term relationships about what it really takes to keep your sex life mutually satisfying. Start prioritizing your sex life now by adding this to your podcast list. Whatever your sexual or gender identity is, you’ll find yourself reflected here.

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